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Inflatable & Interactive Games


The Sticky Velcro Wall, is ideal for any backyard party or corporate event, and is sure to give guests an experience they will never forget. Guests step into a sticky suit, the oversize inflatable Velcro wall catches participants in mid-jump. The space required for this unit is minimum 22’L X 13’W X 16’H



Boxing Ring Inflatable. Pugilists playfully pound and pummel opponent using padded gloves. The space required for this unit is minimum 28'L x 24'W x 15'H


Pedestal Joust Arena. Players attempt to knock their opponent off a pedestal while keeping their own balance. Easier to observe than Platform Joust. The space required for this unit is minimum 28'L x 24'W x 15'H


Inflatable Sports Games has the game kids want to play! Choose from these popular sports activities: football, soccer, basketball, baseball, dart and Frisbee, all under one inflatable play structure. Encourage team spirit and friendly competition as children play their favorite game simultaneously and facilitate variety as participants have the chance to play each sport. The space required for this unit is minimum 25’L X 17’W X 14’H


Inflatable Joust, Boxing ring, Soccer & Basketball Adventure Rental This rental option is sure to have something for everyone to enjoy at your upcoming party or event! Use the Inflatable Arena for a variety of entertaining features. With this Bouncer, your party guests can have an inflatable bouncing good time! The complete rental package includes jousting inflatable platforms with poles, 2 soccer goals, 2 basketball hoops and 2 sets of boxing gloves. You also have the option to rent the arena and choose the game accessories you want. The choice is up to you! The space required for this unit is minimum 28'L x 24'W x 15'H


Dunk Tank 500 Gallons. Note: 6FT of clearance is required


Rock Climbing Wall Rentals


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